Our Mission

We are a fund-raising organisation committed to improving the prosperity of the communities we serve by making donations that make people’s lives better.

Who We Are

The Exeter Chiefs Foundation is a charity that exists with the sole aim of helping other charities.

All of the money we raise is donated to worthy causes in and around the city with a focus on supporting ‘tangible’ investments.

These have included funding building and renovation works, the installation of play equipment, IT suites, a range of vehicles – from minibuses to boats, community kitchen hubs, specialised access equipment to name but a few.

Founded by Exeter Rugby club Chairman Tony Rowe CBE, the team of trustees is drawn from the Chiefs board of directors and the business community.

As well as deciding on how the charity’s money is shared, the trustees organise a number of fund-raising events each year to add funds to the pot for people to apply for grants.

All charities, and community groups and organisations in the greater Exeter area are able to apply for funds, either as one of our match day charities, or one-off donations through our grant programme.

The amounts awarded by the trustees range from a few hundred pounds, to some of our joint legacy projects - which this year with matched funding from Exeter Summer Property Ball Committee and Exeter City Community Trust, meant an amazing overall total of £150,000 was awarded and split between three local projects around the city.

The Foundation is within its 11th year and to date has raised close to £3m.

Our Story

Established in 2011, The Exeter Foundation was formed by the Executive of Exeter Rugby Club with some local businessmen with a passion for fundraising and rugby.

As the Exeter Chiefs progressed as a team over the years, it became more and more popular with local charities and organisations to request the opportunity to collect at games as a source of income and fundraising. At the point Exeter Rugby Club were promoted into the English Premiership for the 2010/11 season, it became apparent that a more formal approach needed to be taken.  This in turn would allow the Rugby Club to support as many organisations as possible on a match day, as well as developing a tight union with the local community. Not only was a fair process needed, an overarching foundation was sought to administer it.

Since inception, the charity has raised close to £3m and helped over 150 projects, charities and organisations .

Chaired by Exeter Chiefs' Chairman, Tony Rowe CBE, the Exeter Chiefs Foundation is a charity that exists to assist and enhance the lives of the local community. 

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