The South West Multiple Sclerosis Therapy Centre Opens New Oxygen Generation Equipment Following Substantial Grant from the Exeter Chiefs Foundation

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The South West Multiple Sclerosis Therapy Centre Opens New Oxygen Generation Equipment Following Substantial Grant from the Exeter Chiefs Foundation

The South West MS Therapy Centre in Clyst Heath, Exeter, has unveiled its brand new oxygen generation equipment after a generous grant from the Exeter Chiefs Foundation. It will help hundreds of people across the South West continue to manage their symptoms not only relating to MS, but also chronic fatigue syndrome, stroke, cancer treatments, broken bones, and post-viral syndrome such as long Covid/post-Covid, to name a few.

The charity started providing oxygen therapy in Exeter in 1982 and since then has helped thousands of people throughout the South West, and moved to a larger facility in West Grange in the Clyst Heath area of Exeter in 2000. Oxygen therapy had previously been provided using bottled oxygen stored in large cylinders, which was expensive and attracted a higher carbon footprint due to the oxygen needing to be delivered on a regular basis. The new, state-of-the-art system takes air from the atmosphere, cleans it through a number of filters, and feeds it into the therapy equipment inside the Centre.

Chair of the Board of Trustees at the MS Centre, Rory Gibson, explained: “The equipment is being brought in due to a change in the rules about delivering medical oxygen from storage cylinders, and the grant has enabled the Centre to pursue this upgrade and allow us to continue to provide this therapy with slightly reduced running costs. We are immeasurably grateful to Tony Rowe OBE and the Exeter Chiefs Foundation for awarding the Centre the generous grant which covered the cost of this significant project”.

Tony Rowe OBE, Chairman of the Exeter Chiefs Foundation, added: “As a charity we are delighted to be able to offer this substantial grant to the South West Multiple Sclerosis Therapy Centre. We know the money will not only make a huge difference to the treatment of patients, but will significantly add to the care the Centre are able to provide. The work of the Foundation is all about helping in situations like this and we are delighted to have offered our support.”

Oxygen therapy for people living with the effects of long-covid, like other post-viral syndromes, is being seen to be beneficial in easing many of the associated symptoms. Following on from the improvements reported after oxygen treatment of a number of people living with long-covid in many countries, the South West MS Centre is now providing this service, together with other MS Therapy Centres across the UK.

Some people with long-covid currently undergoing oxygen therapy at centres across the UK report that they are already feeling the benefits. One such person attending Oxygen therapy has been living with the symptoms of long-covid for the last eleven months, has only had 20 sessions of oxygen therapy over the last 5 weeks and has reported a considerable improvement in their general condition with the resolution of aggressive shooting pain, clearing of brain fog, permanent headaches and word blindness. In addition, they have reported that they are no longer fatigued and for the first time in many months are returning to their old self.

Research is ongoing worldwide to find an answer to this serious complication to the virus but whilst the world waits for trials to be completed high dose oxygen may have a major part to play.

Rory Gibson added “we offer oxygen therapy on a self-referral basis to people with long Covid which may be an aid to simple recovery.”

Caroline Aird, who joins the South West MS Centre as Chief Executive Officer after Easter, attended the official opening ceremony and talked with staff, visitors and sponsors.

The South West MS Centre is open Monday to Friday, with Fridays being especially for people with long-Covid or post-Covid symptoms to receive oxygen therapy. Details of how to access this therapy can be found on the website, by telephone on 01392 447411, email or to find your nearest centre.

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