Your City Needs You – Northcott Beaton Pukka Yomp 2013

IMG_0027 (4)September 2011 saw the introduction of, what is to become, one of the local charity events of the year. It proved so successful in fact that we have been approached by participants and those who missed out alike as to when, if and where it was going to take place again. Unfortunately, last year fell foul to a clash with another charity function and as such we are aiming to make the 2013 yomp bigger and better than ever.

This event was the brainchild of our directors, Keiron Northcott and Nick Beaton, and Paul Mattin of Wilderness Solutions. They wanted to involve themselves in more charitable activities and also have a challenge on the horizon that would involve a certain amount of training and discipline but would also be accessible to those with a lighter appetite for strenuous activity. The Northcott Beaton Pukka Yomp was born!

The next step was to involve a charitable organisation. There are so many worthy causes that would benefit from the proceeds of such a challenge and the most frustrating fact is that they all deserve it. So how do you help multiple charities in one fell swoop? The Exeter Foundation, that’s how!

So, after much training (for some people) and money raising, there we were. A magnificent September morning, shrouded in a light mist, hydration at the ready and bacon butty in hand, ready for the off. We set off, at intervals, from Sandy Park and made our way down to the River Exe. From there we progressed though Topsham, across to Darts Farm and along the estuary to Exmouth where we were treated to an excellent lunch and some welcome words of morale support from our respective wives and girlfriends.

The second half of the walk took us up over the cliffs at the far end of Exmouth, through Sandy bay and a long arduous climb to the back of East Devon golf course. Here we took the opportunity to catch our breath and we were gifted with a moment of serenity. Calm. The views were outstanding and well worth the exerted effort on the previous incline. After hydrating thoroughly we resumed with refreshed mettle and vigour. Our course took us from the cliffs inland, along the disused railway, past Dalditch Farm and Squabmoor Reservoir and onto Woodbury Common. One last effort was needed and at that stage morale was ebbing. The flow came when we joined forces with another team and we metaphorically carried each other the remaining mile or so over the finish line at Woodbury Park. Here we were indulged by the use of all the facilities (the Jacuzzi was a life saver), a fantastic meal, a couple of cold sherberts (just to loosen the joints you understand) and wonderful views back towards our fair city. A good days work and a true Pukka Yomp.

We would like to give as many people as possible (individuals or teams) the opportunity to get fit, raise some much needed funds for The Exeter Foundation and the local causes it supports, and enjoy a a circular walk around our fair city with the option of a shorter, flatter walk which is suitable for all age groups and buggies.

Want to take part? 

This year’s Northcott Beaton Insurance Brokers  Pukka Yomp will take intrepid ‘Yompers’ on a circular route around our fair city whilst raising much needed funds for a minimum of 18 local charities currently supported through the Chiefs own Charity ‘The Exeter Foundation’. Starting and finishing at Sandy Park, you will cover 10 miles meandering mainly along the river Exe. Upon your return you will be greeted with some much deserved sustenance and some entertainment. The event is open to all who wish to take part and there is a £15 registration fee, included in this will be your ‘I Am A  Proud Yomper’ T-shirt. Businesses can enter a team, and there is even an easy route for children and mums with buggies around the Exeter Chiefs sacred turf!

Keiron Northcott, Deputy Chief Executive of Exeter Chiefs, Commercial Director of Northcott Beaton and one of the founding  Trustees  of The Exeter Foundation states “This year’s Yomp really is an opportunity for all to get fit(ter), have fun, join in and raise some good valuable sponsorship for local really worthwhile causes through the Chiefs own Charity. Come and join us in the perfect combination of family, friends, rugby and charity – What more could you ask for?”

The Yomp will take place on Sunday 19th May and you can register by calling Andy on 01392 426046 or via the Northcott Beaton website

If you can’t make the walk but would like to support the event, please see the Virgin Money Giving page

Individual:  £15 per person entry – minimum £50 per head sponsorship
Corporate team: £100 per team – 4 people which entitles you to be a ‘supporter of the Yomp’– minimum £50 per head sponsorship

In all honesty, this was and will be great fun. I urge you to consider this as one of your challenges for 2013.

The longest journey begins with a single step” Lao Tsu


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